Course Program


The course want to introduce students in the issue of XXth century sculpture, from the Second to the Seventh decade. Object of the lessons will be the major works of international sculptors from the decline of the Auguste Rodin model (circa 1910) to the crisis of the traditional sculpture (with the rise of primary structures and environmental installations in the Sixties). A particular attention will be devoted to the writings and to the statements of the artists; to the main texts of the critical debate; and to those events (exhibitions, public monuments) representing turning points in the history of XXth century sculpture.

The main purpose of the class will be the reconsideration of some specific themes in modern sculpture: the relation between sculpture and painting and between sculpture and architecture; the renewal of techniques and materials; the photography of sculpture; the new identity of sculpture in the exhibition space and the urban space; the memory of the past and the dialogue with some issues of non-figurative modernism.

The class is intended as preparatory to the monographic class on Italian sculptor Marino Marini, which is addressed to students of PhD, but firmly recommended to youngest students too.


Bibliographic references