Course Program

1) Propaedeutics: reading and transcription, types of editions (10 h). By taking reading tests and collating manuscripts and prints under the author’s supervision, students will learn how to approach the so-called "authorial philology". 2) Authorial philology: case studies (30 h). Presentation and discussion of particularly relevant case studies in the history of Italian literature, “original” works, particularly works available in different authorial variants, and the problems associated with the editions of such works (Petrarch, Ariosto, Leopardi, Manzoni, Montale). 3) Workshops (10 h).

Bibliographic references

P. Italia, G. Raboni, Che cos'è la filologia d'autore, Roma, Carocci, 2010 (Le bussole, 408)

P. Italia, Editing Novecento, Roma, Salerno Editrice, 2013 (Strumenti per l'Università, 8)




No specific background is required. The course will be held at the same time as the postgraduate course in Italian Philology about the history of authorial philology in Italy. Ten hours of workshops will be shared between the undergraduate and the postgraduate courses. If they wish, undergraduate students can freely attend the postgraduate course, when held at different times.